Using poignant symbolism, the original animated short Proof 4 Life documents a family's life-crossing experience during a two-year spiritual and psychological travail called Covid.

Proof 4 Life starts simply and uneventfully, with a road trip. The family of five is traveling alongside a proverbial river-like highway, Life. By and by the family’s idyllic travels are displaced by a myriad of alarming hazard notifications accompanied by weeping, sorrow, by sadness, and human misery.

Toward the end of the saga, through perseverance accompanied by inspirational road-side messaging, the family’s quest 4 absolution endures and human resilience, such as it is, is believed to prevail.

Proof 4 Life's simple yet eloquent animation technique was executed as a means of conveying a particular content. Although crude, it is of undeniable artistry. Its powerful messaging gives nod to the deep psychological grief experienced universally by man[y] throughout the pandemic and its aftermath, even after the pandemic itself may be long gone.

Most pointedly, Proof 4 Life does not contain any images of Covid. The word Covid is significantly not present, either. (There are glimpses of the word as part of an artist’s original graphic, spiritually interpreted artistic presentation Latamba; however, those glimpses are counterbalanced throughout the short by other, positive imagery).

If, as you are watching this animation, the images of Covid and related psychological ennui accumulated during the two years in question still continue to circle through your brain causing you psychological discomfort, it is most likely you are still psychologically plagued by Covid - whether the physical virus itself is of threat to you or not.

Watch Proof 4 Life until any negative Covid images start to disintegrate. Blanket them toward extinction by visualizing the green object in the original-art billboard Victory, first on display at 3 minutes 51 seconds in Proof 4 Life. Cover all covid images with it in your mind.

Strive to absorb the green object's spiritual healing powers on a daily basis.


Please share Proof 4 Life, available on YouTube, with anyone whom you believe can benefit from its messaging. To watch the 7 minute short animation click on the Proof 4 Life thumbnail below, and click again on the Cara Leah Productions home page image.





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