Using poignant symbolism, the original animated short Proof 4 Life documents a family's life-crossing experience during a two-year spiritual and psychological travail called Covid.

Proof 4 Life begins uneventfully with a road trip. A family of five is traveling alongside a proverbial river-like highway, Life. By and by the family’s idyllic travels are displaced by a myriad of alarming hazard notifications accompanied by deep emotion.

Toward the end of the saga, through perseverance accompanied by inspirational road-side messaging, the family’s quest for absolution endures, and human resilience, such as it is, is believed to prevail.

Proof 4 Life's simple yet eloquent animation technique was executed with the goal of conveying a particular content rather than animatic artistry. Thus although crude, it is yet we believe of undeniable artistry. Its powerful messaging gives nod to the deep psychological grief experienced universally by man throughout the pandemic and its aftermath.

There are no brain-washing images of the Covid in Proof 4 Life. The word itself is not present, either. (There are glimpses of the word as part of an artist’s original, spiritually interpreted artistic presentation titled Latamba; however, those glimpses are counterbalanced throughout the narrative by other, positive imagery).

To watch the 7 minute short animation click on the Proof 4 Life thumbnail below, and click again on the Cara Leah Productions home page image.




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